1949 Egypt Israel Armistice Agreement

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Syria has withdrawn its troops from most of the areas it controlled west of the international border, which have become demilitarized zones. The Area held by Syria, located west of the 1923 Palestinian border and attributed to the Jewish state under the Undividing plan, was 66 square kilometres in the Jordan Valley. [11] These areas have been designated as Demilitarized Zones (DMZs) and have remained under Syrian control. It was stressed that the ceasefire line “should not be interpreted in the sense that it is in relation to final territorial agreements.” (Article V) In 1949, Israel solemnly signed a Sepa ceasefire agreement with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, after which it announced its intention to conclude a formal peace treaty within six months. The agreements did not result in a peace treaty, but two wars. The country that the United Nations had allocated to the Jewish state in the 1947 division plan was increased by 37 percent, from 14,900 square kilometers to 20,500 square kilometers. If the Arab States had accepted the partition plan in 1947 and created an Arab state next to a Jewish state, not only would an Arab state have been established in Palestine, but the Jewish state would have been more than 5,000 square kilometres less than it was in the end. In terms of demographics, during the 1947-1949 conflict, more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs became refugees from different parts of Palestine who settled in Arab states and immigrated elsewhere. March 23, 1954: The Israeli government has severed all ties with the Joint Armistice Commission. It also ceased to participate in local assemblies of commanders under a separate Israeli-Jordanian agreement. Communications on Israel concerning alleged violations of Jordan`s general ceasefire agreement have been addressed to the UN Secretary-General and asked him to pass them on to the members of the Security Council. The Chief of Staff of the Jerusalem Ceasefire Monitoring Organization was not informed of such alleged violations of the General Ceasefire Agreement until he received a copy of the Security Council document from New York.

The non-participation of the Israeli government prevented the investigation of such alleged violations, in accordance with the provisions of the General Ceasefire Agreement.