Anu Individual Flexibility Agreement

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In order to avoid community transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses during the winter season, staff and caregivers are encouraged to consider flexibility in the workplace and determine whether a return to campus is necessary at that time. Employees entering into a flexibility agreement must submit their individual flexibility agreement (see reference documents) for the registration of their schedules and obligations and the “Home Based Work” form in order to submit their employment agreements to their supervisor and the local delegate for approval of their agreement. Thanks to the pandemic, we have worked in a new, innovative and flexible way. This brochure provides employees and superiors with instructions on the most important requirements for both return to campus and a flexibility agreement that may include additional work from home. Flexible working rules are agreed for a fixed period of time and discussed regularly between you and your supervisor. The goal is to ensure that the rules work as intended, that individual responsibility and team responsibility continue to be implemented, and that the rules can be reviewed and changed as circumstances change. Tea breaks count as working hours, unless local agreements are replaced. It also means that your supervisor can understand the needs of the entire team and think about what might be possible for the team, so that everyone has the opportunity to access the flexibility options that are right for them. 5.5. The university must provide the agent with a copy of the individual flexibility agreement within 14 days of consultation.

The university recognizes that you have interests and responsibilities inside and outside of your role at the ANU. A career planning interview with your supervisor as part of your PDR is a great opportunity to think creatively about how you can use flexibility to support your career goals. 38 hours per week – can take the service plan without days by appointment with the university, in accordance with its working hours and university policy and procedures. Flexibility goes beyond part-time work, changing your start or end time, or accessing holidays to support outside commitments. When it comes to flexibility, it can be about where you work, when you work and how you work. As far as the flexibility of the ANU is concerned, it is a matter of promoting and developing the environment in which we can distinguish ourselves, of providing results for the teams and our individual role and responsibility in the workplace and in our future life.