Apnic Membership Agreement

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Note: There are three different types of contacts: Corporate, Admin, and Technical. A company contact can only be deleted by an email request to send admin@apnic.net of another company contact for the same account. APNIC membership is open to all organizations. APNIC only delegates resources to organizations that are legally present or have networks in the APNIC region. APNIC members have the right to request IP addresses and OER numbers, as well as other services such as reverse DNA delegation, resource certification and training. Member of the NIR, the party designated as a member of the NIR on the coverage of this Agreement. The rights, obligations and remedies granted or imposed in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement shall apply to the extent not provided for by law. Once the application is approved by APNIC, a new affiliate agreement can be sent to your organization for signature. APNIC represents APNIC Pty Ltd ACN 081 528 010, a non-profit company under Australian law.

A reference to MEMBERSHIP in APNIC is a reference to membership of the APNIC Special Committee, established in accordance with the company`s statutes. There are seven associated affiliation levels, Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, Very Large and Extra Large. The number of v4 or IPv6 IP addresses determines your organization`s membership level. Learn more. The company contact in your account must send the request for termination of the account by e-mail to the APNIC member service under admin@apnic.net. Please indicate your intention to terminate the membership and the date. In the event of any contradiction, the conditions set out in this Agreement shall prevail over any other agreement concluded between the Parties. Your organization can opt for a higher upgrade. for example, to have greater voting power in APNIC elections. However, this leads to an increase in your contributions.

It is necessary that the returned resources are no longer visible in the global routing table by the agreed date. In order for APNIC to charge based on suitable resource stocks, you must return the resource before your membership expiration date.