Church School Lease Agreement

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We propose that you enter into a user agreement with any organization that uses your facilities during a liturgical year, as described in #2. It is not up to the standing body. You will find an example of an agreement below. Please contact Todd Rubiano, who handles real estate affairs with the Standing Committee, to obtain and verify the assistance of these documents before joining the Permanent Community. He will support you and plan the meeting with the standing committee. The church may or may not get a refund for the use of the facilities. The Standing Committee has collaborated with several churches and developed leases and user agreements that help describe who and how the Church is used. What for? We do this to ensure that the Church and the organization understand their mutual responsibilities while using your space. Many of our parishes and missions have organizations that regularly use ecclesiastical institutions. It is a way of serving our communities.

There are three typical ways to allow the use of our facilities: the canons of our Church require that we not incriminate ourselves without the agreement of the Standing Committee. These rules exist to protect all those who participate in the service of your churches. A lease is a burden. If the organization uses your facilities for more than a year, you should have a lease with the organization. You may or may not get a refund or rent for the use of the church spaces. We assume that you enter into a lease with the organization that will use the contract below. If the organization(s) is currently using your space and has been working for more than a year, you do not need to obtain permission from the Standing Committee. However, you may wish that we check. If you plan to have a new organization use your space for more than a year, please bring your proposed lease agreement to the Standing Committee prior to signing. 3.

An organization can regularly use our facilities for several years, weekly or daily for a start-up program like AA, a day care program, a food bank, etc. For a unique special use, ecclesiastical insurance can advise you on the best way to insure a risk (overnight youth events, camp excursions, public events, etc.). The Church`s insurance agency covers most of these short-term events. We are ready to help. Our goal is to have your community safe. 2. An organization can use our facilities for less than a year, but fairly regularly, for example. B a special educational programme sponsored by an external organisation. An organization may use our facilities on a very limited basis: perhaps a community event once a year. . .