Erc Grant Agreement H2020

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Yes, the grant can cover the salary of the Principal Investigator (PI). After the deadline for submitting proposals has expired, it usually takes about ten months to complete the evaluation process. Then begins the preparation phase of the aid, which can take several weeks. After the signature of the grant agreement (by the host institution and the ERC Executive Agency), the project will start by default the following month. However, it is possible to indicate a later start date if it is accepted by the ERCEA, usually no later than six months after the invitation to prepare the authorisation. Yes, professors can apply for both a StG and a CoG, provided they have the right to do so with regard to the respective time slots of 2 to 7 years or 7 to 12 years after their doctorate. In addition, the ERC Grant should enable researchers to significantly consolidate their scientific careers and scientific independence. That is part of the evaluation criteria. The entire preparation of the financial aid as well as the communication between the fellow and the project manager of the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA) are managed via the funding and tender portal. You can find the messages in “Manage my zone” ? “My formal notifications”. Unfortunately, the promotion and tender portal is not yet fully operational, so communication and exchange of documents can also be done by e-mail. Yes. However, a researcher who participates as an IP in an ERC research project may not apply for further REB funding unless the existing project expires no later than two years after the expiry of the tender period. In addition, a person may not hold more than one grant at the same time. This means that the first project must be completed before the second one begins. In all support programmes, only one ERC application is admissible per work programme. If other proposals are submitted (e.g. B SyG, Deadline Nov 5, 2020 and AdG, deadline 26 August 2020), only the first eligible proposal will be evaluated. For a researcher, only a scholarship can be active at the same time.

The theme of the proposal (similar, different or equal) is not relevant to the question of the new presentation. If an application has been successfully assessed and the principal investigator accepts the ERC Grant, the REB establishes a grant agreement based on the application.. . . .