Examples Of International Framework Agreements

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Dominique Michel: As a recent development in the field of industrial relations, international framework agreements are an interesting topic for the ILO. The ILO Director-General attended the signing of some of them, such as Chiquita. Several ILO departments (social dialogue sector, Institute of Labour Studies, employers` and workers` business offices and the programme of multinational enterprises) monitor and analyse these developments. The ILO`s tripartite declaration on multinational enterprises and social policy is a useful reference point for companies considering the content of these agreements. This statement contains recommendations on the desirable behaviour of companies in terms of employment, equal opportunities and treatment, qualifications, working conditions, occupational health and safety and labour relations. Dominique Michel: They do not replace direct negotiations between companies and employees at the national or company level, they simply provide a framework for these negotiations to be conducted constructively and at a minimum. Sodexo, a French food service and establishment company employing 425,000 people, participated with IUF in the development of measures to combat sexual harassment. In 2018, an annex was adopted in the form of a joint commitment, attached to the existing comprehensive framework agreement, which imposes a zero tolerance for sexual harassment on the company. The joint undertaking states that sexual harassment is an offence that could result in disciplinary action, including the dismissal of the company, and that Sodexo will train all employees in this policy and its responsibilities. It also contains a clause prohibiting sexual harassment in Sodexo`s suppliers` code of conduct and requiring the company to inform its subcontractors and suppliers of the directive and to use its influence to resolve cases of sexual harassment that may arise in the course of its dealings with subcontractors/suppliers. To be effective, it is important to make arrangements for the implementation of an IFA and its effective follow-up.