Microsoft Spa Agreement

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14 Steps: For Partners Who Sell The Addendum CRM Software Advisor If you participated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Advisor initiative, you should sign the Microsoft Addendum CRM Certified Software Advisor when you re-register in the Microsoft Partnership Program. All software consultants must register at the registered member level or above the partner program in order to qualify for the corresponding fee. To sign the addendum CRM Software Advisor, visit: All partners who are software advisors and re-connect to the partner program, it is highly recommended to sign simultaneously the Addendum CRM Software Advisor. This will allow these partners to continue to claim royalties until the next anniversary of the partnership program. FedEx Web Services Guide From May 2016 Payment You must transfer payments in accordance with the FedEx service guide, tariff, service contract or other terms or instructions provided to you by FedEx 12 Microsoft Confidential12 Manage your MPN subscription for the renewal of the SPA, you will need your MPN ID number. Sign in and search for this header that contains your location ID. If you are already an MPN member, type your MPN location ID number into the SPA and/or affiliate profile If you are not yet registered with the MPN, go here to register now: 9 How to log in again – Step 3 You must submit two physical copies of the following documents: – The SPA – Signature required. – The spa profile form (one copy only). NOTE: Don`t forget to add your MSPP ID.

– The solution supplement corresponds to the products you want to sell. If you have partners who wish to place orders within a region, please file: – The Affiliate Agreement. – The affiliate profile form (e). Access to contracts: NOTE: The Regional Operations Centre must have activated your agreement by July 1, 2006 to continue accepting orders – authorize at least two weeks of processing. Section 2.2 of the SPA guide contains detailed registration guidelines on the required documents and where they are to be submitted. 3 3 1 Spa Summary The Solution Provider Agreement Guide (SPA Guide) contains additional requirements and policies for partners who wish to order Selected Microsoft Business Solutions software solutions for end customers under the Solutions Provider Contract (SPA).