Shareholder Agreement Startup

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A partner`s contract is a legal contract concluded by all the shareholders of the company. It regulates how shareholder transactions are conducted and can help protect the startup from unforeseen shareholder issues that can hurt the success and thus the value of the company. A shareholders` agreement does not need to be submitted to Companies House, so the terms of the agreement remain confidential. In startups with many founders, one of the most important aspects is that each shareholder is aware of their role in the startup. For majority shareholders, it is also important that their status is reflected in the management of the start-up. A good SHA should therefore always clearly and intelligibly define the specific roles and tasks of shareholders, so that each shareholder knows at all times what is expected of him. This can be done, for example, by classifying shareholders among founders, labor shareholders and investors. In particular, when some shareholders are responsible for the management and management of day-to-day activities, it is important to define the roles of shareholders who are not as active with day-to-day operations to avoid the traditional problem of “parasites” among startups. Not having a shareholders` agreement would be like walking blindfolded and not knowing what can happen in certain situations that can have a negative impact on the company. Yaima Seigley is an attorney with Isaac Wiles (Columbus, Ohio), who advises startups and emerging companies on all aspects of creation, legal operations and related business.

She can be contacted at (614) 221-2121 or by e-mail at Here in Spain, shareholder agreements are not expressly regulated by law. It has no formal requirements to exist or be valid, it is not necessary to register it in the commercial register of the company or before another public function. Nevertheless, the parties usually opt for a more formal and secure document, which can be signed in front of a notary. The startup and/or other shareholders should always have the right to repay the shares of a working shareholder when the service or employment contract of the working shareholder has been terminated – example, the employment contract of the programmer and the working shareholder, Adam is terminated and thanks to a well-written SHA, the startup has the right to cash in Adam`s shares. As a start-up oriented law firm, we had several startup clients at Nordic Law at the beginning with the recurring question, oldie but goldie, question – do we really need a shareholders` agreement (SHA), since we are all good friends and we are all far behind? On the other hand, we always advise our startup clients to never start a business without SHA, let alone grow a business without sha. With a well-functioning SHA, the founders and shareholders of a startup are able to solve problems in advance, even if they are serious, and in the best case, a SHA minimizes shareholder pressure, so that shareholders can only focus on business development, knowing that the essential rules of the startup are clear, are complete and predictable. In other words, the yellow stone path to success is most often paved with a well-written SHA.. . .