Western Sydney Local Health District Service Agreement

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The RAP talks about what our organization can do to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. It will help us develop a safer and more culturally tolerant workplace that will help improve service delivery to Aboriginal people, their families and communities. The Health Services Plan: Growing Good Health in Western Sydney outlines our long-term plans and priorities for health care in our hospitals, municipal health facilities and home services until 2026. We are facing a growing burden of disease, increasing complex chronic diseases and a growing demand for health services. These are health trends in our communities that are there; Childhood obesity, diabetes, increased mental health problems and conditions associated with aging. We want to create communities in which people can live well, stay well and manage well; an environment in which people are helped to improve their health and reach their full potential; Where individuals Their families and family caregivers are active participants with a collective responsibility to optimize health outcomes. We are committed to working together in partnership to ensure better health. Our vision is to become the healthiest population in NSW, with the goal of being a trusted partner in our community and providing state-of-the-art modern medicine. We strive to meet and exceed the performance expectations of our service agreement with the New South Wales Department of Health. We invest in our business to ensure that we adapt to the expectations of consumers and suppliers and modern knowledge for a better health experience.

Archives Surgical – Procedural Care in South West Sydney A Health Profile of Sydney South West: A Status report described the population, their health and the services provided for Sydney South West West Heath Area A New Direction for Sydney South West Health Service Strategic Plan Towards 2010 Annual Report 2010/11 NSW Integrated Healthated Primary and Community Car Plan NSW Ministry of Health Annual Report 2011-12 Department of Health NSW Annual Report 2009-10 Annual Report NSW Department of Health Annual Report 2008-09 The Legal Auditor 2009-2009-2010 review 2011 Research Strategy 2012 in the Sydney Local Health District, We plan to increase resources for priority groups with significant health needs , including children, youth and families; People with mental illness, the elderly, Aboriginal people, people with chronic and complex conditions, and people from different cultural backgrounds. The Western Sydney Local Health District Board is led by Richard Alcock and twelve board members, who bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the management of our LHD. The Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) offers approximately 1 million people and much more across the state and internationally with a vast and complex health care offering.