What Is Ttv Service Agreement Fee

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To cancel United web hosting, domain name services, or e-commerce services, customer must call the United toll-free number at 800-794-9999 or mail a request to United Communications Assn, Inc., 1107 McArtor Road, Dodge City, KS 67801, Attention: Web Hosting Cancellations. To ensure delivery, United recommends that you send cancellation requests by registered mail. If your telephone service is provided by United Telephone, simply dial your area code + 9898. (Example: Cimarron, 855-9898, Ashland, 635-9898.) Service speed may vary depending on location, line quality, internal cabling, internet traffic, and other factors beyond United`s control. United does not guarantee download or download speeds. Some stabilization of the line may be required for operation. Stabilization could include a reduction in the speed of the supplied line. If this is the case, United cannot increase the speed of the line once the connection is stabilized. Some services may only work with certain telephone service providers or telephone systems without PbX (including the running/part line). Unless your service contains a static IP address, you will be assigned a dynamic IP address. United reserves the right to expire inactive connections.

United`s technical support may be limited to services, software and/or hardware provided by United. Your email address and web space address may be disabled if you exceed the storage limits. You can reduce the size or purchase additional storage space. Usage and web space that exceeds the allocated bandwidth may be charged for excess traffic. Email, web space and bandwidth restrictions are displayed on our website under www.unitedtelcom.net. These limits can also be reached by calling 1-800-794-9999. United reserves the right to change the limits at any time. Your term commitment on TELUS TV plus Internet may also entitle you to receive a gift in addition to the free discounts on equipment installation and rental described above. TELUS offers this value in exchange for your commitment. Below you will find information about temporary services. 8. INSTALLATION The Service may include equipment provided by United (“equipment”).