Transport Manager Agreement

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This Transportation Management Agreement (“Agreement”) will be entered into on May 16, 2008 (“Effective Date”) by and between Archway Marketing Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered at 19850 South Diamond Lake Road, Rogers, MN, 55374 (“Archway”), and Echo Global Logistics, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered at 600 West Chicago. Suite 750, Chicago, IL 60610 (“Echo”). This is a model external transport manager contract. A comprehensive contractual document helps protect you as an external transport manager while working as an external transport management consultant. This is a model, as with all legal matters, we recommend that you seek the help of a lawyer. However, you can download our model copy of the external transport manager contract agreement and adapt it to your needs in case you want to use your own. In the case of new operator licence applications, the costs displayed to a green operator are a good guide for new applicants considering using external traffic management. 1: Interested parties in seeking the services of an external transport operator enter the following information or confirm it via an online declaration as set out below. Before Oplas Transport Consultancy, the online system will check whether there are parties ready to offer their skills and services as external transport managers. The common practice when using external transport management, is that all fees are paid monthly in advance, there may also be a separate initial payment, at the beginning of an agreement between the parties, which can go up to three months or more of the agreed monthly fees, A minimum duration of the contract is not uncommon either, but some transport managers are satisfied with flexible contracts. The following are examples of the areas that an external transportation management service contract should mention: The transportation manager may want to know about the issues and compliance areas of operator licenses.

Before accepting the use of their name, any appointment of the transportation manager is submitted to the Office of the Commissioner of Transportation. If the operator license has an OCRS rating of Amber. Where the supervision of the transport manager is required as part of an agreement to become an external transport manager. Then, these fees are paid by the holder of the operator`s licence for an examination to be carried out. Oplas Transport Consultancy advises you when you conclude a legal obligation such as a service contract. It is always best to seek the help of your own legal counsel. However, Oplas Transport Consultancy has a model that has been used several times in the context of successful appointments of external transport managers. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to use it as a template for your own service contract. Where you and your legal advisors can customize it according to your needs. Please note: Oplas Transport Consultancy; Assumes no responsibility for any legal or regulatory problems arising from the use of the model service contract provided by Oplas Transport Consultancy, for the external management of the transport or for any other use that may be used by any other party, except through its use.

So, if an operator license holder wants to take advantage of the opportunity to have an external traffic manager to meet the legal requirement to have a designated traffic manager suitable for the position, i.e. the holder of a professional certificate or a transport manager. Then, the need to have an “authentic link” or a contract for services is a must. If an application is to be selected. It is important that all those working in the transport industry understand that the holder of the CPC of the transport manager must be a person and not a non-natural entity, such as a limited liability company, and has a direct link with the holder of the operator`s licence, i.e. an employment contract or a service contract (holder of the CPC of the external transport manager) Many operator licence holders who have small to medium fleets, have used the services of an external CPC holding a traffic manager as a cost-effective means for an operator licensee to maintain its obligations with respect to the requirements of the operating licensing system vis-à-vis the designated licensee of the traffic manager`s CPC. But without lowering the professional standards required by enforcement and regulatory authorities. N.B This is a standard contract and TMconsultant cannot be held responsible for legal issues arising from the contract of this external transport manager. There is only a one-time fee for the use of the external transport management service offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy, this cost is £225, after which all other payments and amounts related to the use of the skills and services of the transport manager acting as the designated transport manager. You are between the transport manager and the holder of the operator`s licence. (No intermediary). Assist those considering using external transport management as part of their work system to comply with the operator licensing system.

Oplas Transport Consultancy has shown below the typical costs as they understand them, so that each applicant can make a more informed decision regarding the possible use of an external transport operator. Before agreeing to be the designated transportation manager, with an operator license with an AMBER OCRS rating. The transport operator may require a compliance check, which is carried out by an independent party, as the operator`s licence is considered non-compliant by law enforcement and regulatory authorities. A CPC Transport Manager holder is a person who has received a certificate of professional competence or better known as a CPC after the exam and must be named on all standard national and international operator licences. This requirement stems from the main regulatory instrument, European Directive 74/561. This requires operators using commercial vehicles with a load of more than 3.5 tonnes of gross weight and used for the commercial transport of goods (Hire & Reward), or passenger cars with more than 9 seats (including the driver) carrying passengers for commercial purposes (Hire & Reward) as part of the issue of an operator`s licence, need a professionally competent person (commonly referred to as Transport Manager CPC Holder) in the management of Transport operations have continuous and effective control over the vehicles designated on the operating permit on which it is designated. The Transport Manager service offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy is a solution that gives applicants or holders of operator licenses the opportunity to contact directly people who have obtained a Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC. .