Unifor Local 2458 Collective Agreement

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“We are pleased with an agreement that recognizes the value of members` work,” said Tullio DiPonti, Secretary of the Treasury for Local 2458. “We appreciate the support we have received from the public during this employment action. Now that we have a resolution, members look forward to restoring quality service to patients in the Windsor community. Medical laboratories and medical laboratory technicians, represented by Unifor Local 2458, have ratified a preliminary agreement with medical Laboratories of Windsor that ends a three-week strike. The union is committed to negotiating an agreement that meets the needs of members who work in Fairfield Park and Manoir Broulliette. “I am very proud of what the Bargaining Committee has accomplished,” said Katha Fortier, Assistant to Unifor National President. “This agreement is a start to address the inequalities between the public and private sectors in Ontario`s health care system.” WINDSOR – Health professionals, represented by Unifor Local 2458, will step up their efforts by holding a rally in front of fairfield Park Long-Term Care Centre to demand a fair and equitable collective. Contract negotiations with Fairfield Park and Broulliette Manor began on October 27, 2020. The union proposed modest amendments to the collective agreement, which were immediately rejected by the employer`s legal representatives. Employer representatives handed over more than six pages of concessions to the union, including wage cuts, health care, recreation and more hours of work. “The employers` approach of viewing our members as zeros rather than heroes is offensive and disrespectful,” said Tullio DiPonti, President of Unifor Local 2458. that you are worth it.

This employer should be ashamed. Approximately 300 Unifor members, represented by Locals 2458 and 195, work on campus as senior and part-time administrators, industrial engineers and special officers. “Unifor members ensure that students have an enjoyable experience on campus, and we want to continue to do so. But these workers will not accept excuses to limit their wages and do a good job if the U-Of-W government can set the tone and crack down on ford Conservatives,” said Tullio DiPonti, president of Unifor Local 2458. Both chapters return to the bargaining table today with the intention of negotiating a collective agreement that is fair to all members. Unifor Local 2458 President Tulio DiPonti described the tone of the discussions as a “consensus.” “I think both sides want a deal, so we`re trying to try things there,” he says. “Nobody really wants to be there. It is consensual, so we are doing our best to get a collective agreement. Campus workers oppose the government`s attempts to impose a 1% cap on all wages and remain united against the increase in precarious work at the university. Unifor Local 2458 represents nearly 400 full-time and part-time industrial directors and engineers. DiPonti says they will see the talks before making a final decision on the strike line. You are in a position of legal strike from 12:01 p.m.m.

Let us go back to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair collective agreement without concessions. On Monday, the union had planned a protest in the parking lot of the long-term nursing home in south Windsor, but company representatives stopped it. “I negotiated a lot of contracts in my time, but I`ve never seen such a disrespectful employer,” said Chris Taylor, Unifor National Employee Representative. “The pandemic has forced long-term caregivers across the country to do more with less, and here we have an employer who is asking these COVID heroes to adopt all the new protocols and get nothing. Our members will not feel worthless and we will continue to step up our actions until they receive the respect and dignity they deserve. Chris Taylor is a Unifor National Representative. Last week, a rally was held in front of Le Manoir Broulliette to ask the employer to return to the bargaining table and withdraw its long list of concessions. The union decided to change its location and organized the protest in front of the village of Schlegel, east of Windsor, on McHugh Street. Workers voted 81 percent in favor of a new three-year contract that includes wage increases, better benefits and more vacations. DiPonti says it received the letter from the company`s vice president of human resources… Saturday, September 7.

Unifor is Canada`s largest private sector union, representing 315,000 workers in all major sectors of the economy. . . .