Manned Guarding


Our team of SIA operatives are fully trained. We provide guards with experience of working on a variety of sites. These can vary a great deal from Construction sites to retail and large office establishments. Having visited the site for Risk Assessment plus Health & Safety matters, we then write the 'Site Instructions', which will be specific for that particular site. These will assist the officer, not only in the general duties they are required to perform at that site, but also in being prepared for any eventuality which may arise.


Wherever possible the managers will select the officer they feel will be most suited for that particular site. The officer will receive on-site training, and will also be required to carry out the relevant patrols and checks to ensure that the property remains secure. As well as the protection of property, the officers will also deal with problems arising from fire, flood and accidental damage.


There is also the strict requirement for the officer to book on and off duty, as well as making hourly check calls with the 24-hour Control Room. They are also required to complete an assignment log for each tour of duty. The assignment log remains on site for viewing by the client.


Clockwork Services Security Ltd will be pleased to deal with short and long term contracts, and we are happy to carry out the initial site survey.